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Louisiana Dread is a cultural project that shares and preserves stories of Louisiana history, culture, and folklore. Under the umbrella of Dreadful Productions, LLC, "Louisiana Dread" aims to bring awareness to important cultural aspects of Louisiana through several online series, such as LA Quick History, LA Drinks, LA Estates, LA Lingo, and LD Live. each highlight  in Louisiana history that have otherwise been forgotten or misinterpreted, as well as share local horror stories that have been told for generations. Whether based on fact or complete fiction, Louisiana is seeping with horror stories that all share one common feature: the haunting setting of Louisiana. Along with the online series, a ten-episode television anthology script has been completed and awaits funding. To donate, please contact us at The description can be seen below.


"Louisiana Dread" is a horror anthology series based on haunting Louisiana history, folklore, and culture.


Set all throughout the Bayou State, each episode holds its own sinister tale of misfortune and evil. The episodes subtly reveal critical issues facing Louisiana, from coastal erosion & the never-ending threat of storms to income inequality & corruption. Each story also highlights different cultures in Louisiana and their influence on society. They inject a feeling of awareness into the mind, all the while, showing you the darkness of the state’s long and epic history.

The history of Louisiana is as vast as any other state in the union and as unique as any country on Earth. Many different faces, personalities, and ambitions flowed through the region with every passing year, each more contrasting than the last. From Italians to Senegalese, Filipinos to Irish, Vietnamese to Hungarians each with their individual stories of triumph, heartbreak, and catastrophe.


You can not have an area so rich in history without having a plethora of mysterious and sinister events take place. Every niche of horror is represented within state boundaries: zombies, vampires, cults, scientific abominations, every terrifying thought imaginable can be found here. The show will add another prominent horror feature, the human element. With these ingredients, Louisiana Dread has created a gumbo of horrors and thrillers for the world to have a taste.


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